….a taste of my work.

….most of my work is a mixture of penned illustration, acrylic and oil paints, predominantly painted onto deep edge box canvases, which I feel gives them a cool, contemporary look!

The general theme is Fish, Birds and the great outdoors – anything related to the lighter side of life!

Below are a few of my pieces, there’s also limited edition prints available too!

Email via the contacts page, if there’s anything that may take your fancy!


Oystercatcher – Migration

Whitebait – Aqua Marine

Sardine run – 01

Oystercatcher – Flight 01

Hauling herring

Oystercatcher – Feeding

Whitebait – Deep Blue

Oystercatcher – Time out

Gannets and Mackerel

Baitball – Aqua marine

Baitball – Deep Blue


Mackerel – Ltd edition print

Flight – Ltd edition print





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